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  • Ari Had Listened to Jose’s Words With a Protective Barrier Around Her Heart…Before He Left He Asked if She Would See Him…”You Know I’m Seeing Paul…It’s Not Serious, But I’m Not Ready to Break it Off…I Need to Think About it”…She Didn’t Quite Trust Him Yet
  • Jose Was Distracted From His Research for Lewis…He Kept Thinking About the Conversation With Ari…He Thought He Said Everything Right, But He Was Really Never Sure…Maria Had Starting Grilling Him When He Got Home, But Mamá Was There & it Was Dropped
  • Joe Was Not the Only One Building Muscle…Most Mornings After Joe Left, Russell Was Working Out in His Bedroom…Lacrosse Season Was Going Poorly…it Was Not a Popular Sport at His School & He Was the Most Experienced & Enthusiastic Player…But He Was Playing
  • “How Can I Make it Up to You?…Make it Right Between Us?”…”What Do You Like About Me?”…”Your Laugh & Your Sense of Humor & That You Eat Donuts at Any Time & Your Intelligence & Passion…& How You Smell & Your Beautiful Dark Hair”…”This is a Start”

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